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Boseman asks Governor to postpone Titan permit

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - In her last weeks in office, New Hanover County State Senator Julia Boseman (D) continues to push Governor Bev Perdue to slow down the process for Carolinas Cement Company to build a cement plant in the Castle Hayne area.

Senator Boseman sent Governor Bev Perdue a letter Tuesday stating that the state postpone approving an air permit for the proposed Titan project until it passes a state environmental review. 

"Titan America will be a welcome partner if they would just follow the rules and undergo the environmental review process that our State created to protect its people," according to the letter written by Senator Boseman and released to the media Tuesday.

Last week, Carolinas Cement sent the Governor a letter, turning down incentives from the state and county in order to move the permitting process along.

The text of Senator Boseman's letter follows in its entirety:

North Carolina Governors Office
Governor Beverly Perdue
116 West Jones Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

 Dear Governor Perdue: 

            I hope this letter finds you well. I feel compelled to write to you with a request that protects the health and safety of thousands of school children and general citizens of southeastern North Carolina. The point of discussion: Titan America.  I understand your position of economic development and the need of jobs for our citizens. I support that position as well, but I am hoping that the State will be far-sighted enough to demand that the jobs we seek and the business partners we look to recruit will be sound, viable, environmentally safe members of our community. I have a strong sense of suspicion that is shared by many other North Carolinians, and that is that Titan is not looking out for our best interests. 

It is appalling that Titan America is using every maneuver possible to avoid a State Environmental Protection Act review (SEPA). Hiring an army of lobbyists to flood the General Assembly, going to court and losing the decision, accepting state incentives and then rejecting that money to avoid review.  The fact that they will not submit to an official SEPA leads one to ask many questions. Most pressingly: why not undergo the proper channels of environmental evaluation when you have stated that you will follow all the laws, rules and guidelines of the EPA?  Why have they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on propaganda, lobbyists, and legal fees to avoid the required analysis?  As you are well aware, I have opposed the building of the cement plant from the beginning. There is good reason to be wary of an industry that has known carcinogenic and toxic outputs, yet is willing to pay thousands of dollars to circumvent review rather than spending good money on protecting the surrounding communities. 

My constituents, including over 400 hundred doctors and medical professionals, thousands of parents, a growing number of businesses and many professional members of the environmental community, are in agreement that this cement plant is being aggressively pursued on a short-sighted vision. Jobs for now, yes, but decades of polluted waterways, wetlands, and air for the good folks of North Carolina to contend with once Titan America has made their millions and left us behind.

 It is imperative that the air permit for Titan America be postponed until the SEPA review requirements are satisfied through the required NEPA review (the Department of administration has already determined that the NEPA review will satisfy SEPA and will result in no delay of the permit decisions from the comprehensive federal review). The Governor of our State must be willing to look at all the facts and put the citizens first. Titan America will be a welcome partner if they would just follow the rules and undergo the environmental review process that our State created to protect its people. I would greatly appreciate your support of this request. 


                                                            Julia Boseman

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