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Nurse survives heart attack while working

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Sept. 19, emergency room nurse Robin Glowacki headed to work at Trident Medical Center.

"I was working. I felt fine. I didn't have any problems that night," Glowacki said.

But the week prior she had experienced some pain in her jaw and fatigue, which she passed off as being related to a recent bout with the flu.

On a whim and while on the clock, she asked one of her fellow nurses to perform an electrocardiogram, or EKG, to test her heart health.

"She said, 'Do not move,' and went and got the doctor who was on that night," said Glowacki recounting the night's events. "She showed her, came back and threw a gown at me and said you're now a patient. I was having a heart attack."

The medical team jumped to action caring for Glowacki.

"It was very surreal. I'm not really here, this is not really happening," Glowacki said.

Although the EKG told a different tale, Glowacki felt well enough to call her husband and explain to him she was having a heart attack.

"My fellow employees were just looking at me going, 'You don't look like you're having a heart attack,' " Glowacki said. "I said, 'I don't feel like it,' and they said, 'Get off the cell phone.' "

Glowacki spent several days at Trident Medical Center being treated for her heart attack.

"Females especially should be more aware of what's going on with themselves and the vague symptoms," Glowacki said. "Even though you think it's really nothing you need to have it checked out just to make sure."

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