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Interim Sheriff Storms to keep position, despite opposition

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT)- The stage is set for a showdown in Bladen County Friday night.

The newly appointed Sheriff, Earl Storms, took office this week and came without five deputies that had been working in the department.

Now, county commissioners who appointed him will meet Friday to talk about removing Storms, but they appear to be out of luck at this time.

Commissioners in Bladen County do not have the power to remove interim Sheriff Earl Storms. Bladen County Commission Chairman Billy Ray Pait got the news Thursday afternoon from the County Attorney.

Pait, along with several other commissioners, were hoping to remove Storms from office only days after appointing him.  Pait says he is disappointed with the results.

Storms says he will "absolutely not" step down from office unless a federal judge or the superior court removes him.

Storm's short time in office has already been in the spotlight -- five members of the sheriff's office are no longer with the department since he took over.  Storms says, it is because they chose not to re-apply for the position, and denies that he fired any of them.

Chairman Pait says otherwise; he believes it is a political decision.

For now, Storms is locked in as Sheriff until December, whether commissioners like it or not.

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