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Breast cancer survivors take it off for the cause

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A group of women in Wilmington are posing in the buff to help others beat breast cancer. The Ta Ta Sisterhood of the Cape Fear is shooting a calendar of local survivors.

Money from sales will stay in the community, helping others in all stages of cancer.

The cancer may have changed the women's bodies, but certainly not their beauty. Lauren Levian is a partner of the Ta Ta Sisterhood. She says despite the lack of clothes, this is a very classy photo shoot.

"It is tasteful!" said Levian.  "Very tasteful, you will not see any wardrobe malfunctions!"

The only thing you will see inside the Ta Ta Sisterhood calendar is a sash and a survivor.

"You will see fake boobies on this calendar," says Levian. "But they're all fake with big seams across them!"

They are survival scars, reminders of the breast cancer they beat and the person they've become.

The picture perfect poses will create a calendar to raise money for other nearby women who are still fighting the battle.  The models say after their fight, they have nothing to fear, and nothing to hide.

Survivor Shannon Hall never thought she'd be part of this experience.

"I never thought I would be in a calendar ever, let alone after having gone through this journey," said Hall. "There's sort of a freedom to it, in that you just feel like you can do anything now."

And that's what they want other women to see.

The pictures aren't about the silicone, what's missing, or what once was. They are about how beautiful life can still be after breast cancer.

Photographer Allison Breiner says the experience really boosted everyone's spirits.

"When the women got out there in these natural surroundings and took their clothes off, it was transforming, it was amazing to see what that did to them," said Breiner.

The calendar will be on sale in October.

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