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New host of The Big Talker signs off

Rob Kendall Rob Kendall
Curtis Wright Curtis Wright

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Thursday morning, expect more changes at The Big Talker F.M.

Curtis Wright was kicked off his highly-charged show in March. His replacement, Robby Kendall will be signing off Thursday morning.

Wright was fired after four years on the job after multiple disagreements with management. General Manager Paul Knight said Kendall's leave was a mutual agreement. Kendall came from a small station in Whiteville and lacked a strong knowledge of the history and politics of the area. Personally, he did not enjoy the early morning hours.

Kendall hit the ground running about 40 days ago said Knight. "Let's face it," he said. "He stepped right into the bucket with both feet. We threw him into the fire. He was from outside the market coming in, so, there were a lot of holes in his knowledge base."

He faced a steep learning curve and an audience of loyal listeners who reacted strongly, both for and against the change. Paul Knight said that most people preferred the more positive vibe and call volume was up.

All on-air talent and new shows are given a 90-day probation period.

"You really don't know what you're going to get until you take a run with it behind the microphone," Knight said. "You hope it continues forward but sometimes it [doesn't] and you have to do, what you have to do."

The show goes on, but it won't be back with Curtis Wright.

"I wouldn't let him submit an application," said Knight.

Wright doesn't seem interested. "No! I would never go back to The Big Talker F.M.," said Wright. "That's in the past. Everybody knows Sea-Comm made a huge mistake, but the mistake is done."

Wright said he created the morning show, and it will never become what it once was.

"What you just saw is some people who thought they understood, thought it would be that easy, and blew it," he said. "Sea Comm, maybe they need a training course or something. We'd be happy to give that to them."

Robby Kendall has been co-hosting with Chad Adams since last Friday. After Thursday's show, he will take over as the new host.

Paul Knight said Adams once ran for GOP State Chairman and is involved in the American's for Prosperity conservative organization. He has also been a guest radio host for a few stations across North Carolina.

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