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Jenkins says too soon to support Southport port

Source: Leonard Jenkins Source: Leonard Jenkins

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Prioritize!  That might be the cornerstone of a Leonard Jenkins' administration in state government.

The current director of technology for Brunswick County Schools is running for the House District 17 seat.  He is one of two Democrats in the running for his party's nomination, along with James Knox.

"I have to take my $8300 and make it work as though it's a 100,000 budget," Jenkins said about his budget in Brunswick County.  Jenkins said the state needs to do the same.

"Rather than just allocating the money to an area, why not prioritize?" Jenkins asked in an interview live on WECT News at 5:30.

Jenkins said he prefers to finish the I-40 bypass project before moving on to other plans for the area.

"Invest in the areas that are going to give you the greater gain," Jenkins said.

The plan to build a new state port in Southport does not get an overwhelming approval from Jenkins though.

"Right now, I couldn't support it," Jenkins said.

Jenkins says it's soon to make a judgment, because we don't know how many jobs will be created or the effect on our environment.

Jenkins says more work needs to be done to help people find work once they get out of prison.  He says it's often difficult for people to adjust because they have a felony on their record.

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