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Competitive parking at Cape Fear Community College

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Parking has always been an issue for Cape Fear Community College students, but this year they say it's worse than ever.

"You literally--I just did it right now--this guy was just walking to his car and you literally have to follow him to his car to get the spot," said student Allison Puckett.  "That's how it works, this year, at least."

Enrollment at CFCC is up this year, but the number of parking spaces aren't - creating parking issues.

"It is kind of stressful because you still end up late for class, regardless of being here 30 minutes early," said Puckett.

"It's crazy," said Morgan Williford.  "Everybody's bumper to bumper here, especially in the mornings. As you can see, people are parking in the no parking zones and it's just a mad house."

Cape Fear officials are well aware of the parking situation, so the college is renting spaces form the county where students can park for free.  Those spots fill up quickly, so to find room many students get creative and then get fine.

"Parking, especially in the fall semester, is competitive to say the least," said CFCC public information officer David Hardin.

There are spaces to park if you're willing to walk a little bit.  Plenty of room was found a few blocks away from campus.

"It's human nature to try to find a parking spot that's as close to your classroom building as necessary, but as congested as it is right now, people are going to have to walk a little further," said Hardin.

A new parking deck for the college is scheduled to open next year.  Additionally, Cape Fear officials have a second deck planned with 1,200 spaces.  It will be located behind the Schwartz Center and is expected to be finished by late 2011.

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