Woman beats cancer three times, builds a small business because of it

Woman beats cancer three times, builds a small business because of it

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - When walking into the small business Pure Life Wellness Center, customers are greeted by the smells of teas, herbal essences, and natural remedies.

Victoria Chavez, owner of Pure Life, says they changed her life.

Chavez was diagnosed with cancer three times throughout her life.

“My first bout was when I was 19. I was too young and I realized that nutrition and taking herbs and vitamins was very important in order for me to survive,” Chavez says.

After her third bout with cancer, she wanted to change her lifestyle.

“I went on a raw diet, I started doing coffee enemas which sounds really gross but they worked and I started watching everything I put in my mouth,” Chavez says.

She did this for two months. Chavez went back to the doctor, who pronounced her cancer free.

Chavez lived in foster care for eight years of her life. She says she got whatever food was scraps, none of the food was of quality and there was no structure to how well she ate. Chavez says she believes this is one of the reasons she got cancer.

She says herbal medicines and healthy eating saved her life, so Chavez opened a business in the effort to help others.

“The need to be able to provide people with wellness and know that they are thriving and changing their lives because of it, that’s my biggest motivator,” Chavez says.

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