Pender County teachers prepare for classes to resume after hurricane

Pender County teachers prepare for classes to resume after hurricane

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Pender County teachers are getting ready for their first day back in class since Hurricane Florence.

Several schools remain closed due to storm damage so workshops have been held at schools in the area to prepare teachers when students return next week.

Teachers from various schools in the county filled the classrooms of Heide Trask High School, where teachers heard lessons on when to listen and when to share experiences as well as digital learning competency expectations.

“One of the biggest things is to be there for the children," Malpass Corner Elementary School teacher Shannon Humphrey said. “There’s a time for listening. There’s a time for sharing because those children have been through a traumatic experience and they need to come back to a place in which they feel comfortable, safe, secure and loved.

"We as teachers at Pender County Schools are there to provide that for them.”

Pender County was hit hard by the storm, leaving 700 students and 65 teachers displaced.

Malpass teacher Angela Midgette is one of those teachers. She says it’s been difficult not waking up in her home, but she’s working through it. Preparing for school and trying to get back to normal has helped.

“Relooking at my lesson plans I’ve made previously made, I’ve even looked up some books that will help me read to the children about storms and flooding and different types of situations," Midgette said. "I want to read some stories and help them understand and cope with their feelings as well. ... When I’m not really working on my house, I’ve been finding materials that would help my children.”

The county has a warehouse for school supplies and some teachers and principals loaded up their cars for students after Friday’s workshop.

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