NHC Planning Board approves amendment that would allow temporary housing for Florence survivors

NHC Planning Board approves amendment that would allow temporary housing for Florence survivors
The New Hanover County Government Center

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Initial steps were taken Wednesday night by the New Hanover County Planning Board to address a temporary housing shortage for those affected by Hurricane Florence.

The board unanimously approved a request to amend a zoning ordinance that would allow for temporary relocation housing. Options for temporary housing will be enabled as the result of a federal disaster declaration where public or individual assistance is made available or as determined by the county manager.

Units will be allowed to remain for up to 12 months from the date of the declaration unless extended by the Board of Commissioners. The amendment allows temporary relocation housing in all zoning district and may consist of manufactured homes, travel trailers or recreational vehicles, tiny homes or other temporary unites on an individual lot or as multiple units grouped in a community setting.

There was no mention at Wednesday's meeting about where temporary housing will be placed. Details on the issue will be discussed further at the Oct. 25 New Hanover County Board of Commissioners meeting.

A conditional use zoning request made by McKim and Creed on behalf of SENCA Properties LLC to rezone 14.5 acres in the 1100 block of Pandion Drive was continued. It wasn't the first continuance on this matter.

"Is it delayed or not? No one really knows until the board hears it," said Thomas Stevens, a Scott's Hill resident. "It’s a possibility that things have changed, and they would have been deciding on it this evening. Then it wasn’t and that sort of makes a lot of us feel like there’s some sort of strategy involved in how they do things, especially when you’ve had an extra month from the original planned meeting to research and develop whatever you have to present.”

Some people said the continuance might be a ploy to get concerned citizens to not show up at the meetings about the use of the property.

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